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The past twenty years have seen a huge rise of men making a greater effort into looking good. There is now an industry catering purely to making men look good; an industry worth billions. The reason for such a huge increase of good looking men? Great marketing, a variety of creams or the rise of equality? Who knows, but here are some of how men can look good.


Some men have it; some don’t. Confidence can be the key in which men can increase their good looks. In TV and films, it is always the confident guy who gets the girl; this trait can make anyone seem a lot more good looking then they truly are. Follow the next few tips to gain this skill.

Weight Loss 

This is linked to the previous point as athletic types are more likely to be confident. There are hundreds of dieting routines, fads and pills to help you lose weight. If you can afford it, join a gym and make use of personal training sessions. There is now even fat freezing weight loss treatment to help rid those unwanted pounds. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but being a healthy weight will help to show off those good looks.


Greasy, messy hair is an instant turn off for most people. With so many products on sale in stores, there is no excuse for a man not to take care of his hair. Keeping it in style will help to increase confidence.


In the 21st century, it is not only women who should be buying some form of face moisturiser and completing a night time routine. It is important for men to realise the face and body need to be helped a little as you get older. Looking good is important, therefore give the face some attention every night.


This is the important one. Many people will be turned off by an unsightly appearance. Men should take due diligence to ensure they look good by wearing suitable and fitting clothes. A great suit will give you the confidence in a meeting. A fitted shirt will highlight a toned body for that all important date. Ask any store clerk to help you find clothes for certain occasions.

General Grooming Tips 

1. Keep finger and toe nails trimmed
2. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner
3. Not too much aftershave, it’s overpowering
4. Wear deodorant every day
5. Invest in a good facial hair trimming kit
6. Trim nose and ear hair
7. Have hair cut at least every eight weeks
8. Take care of your nether regions, powder and keep hair trim


It is important for men to look good, the main reason being for confidence. A confident man who looks great feels great. Charge into that meeting, interview or date and feel like a winner!

Written by heyjohnny